altThe Mount Morris Fire Department consists of 3 companies. The Living Stream Hose Company established in 1852, the Active Hose Company in 1873 and the Seymour Chemical Company in 1914. The Chief of the Fire Department is Dana Regatuso Sr. of the Seymour Chemical Company, im Bryant is the First Assistant Chief from the Living Stream Hose Company and Trevor Martin is Seconded Assistant Chief of the Seymour Chemical Company. The Department is governed by the Fire Council. The Members of the Fire Council are David Brown, Bill D'Angelo and Don Hokpins from the Active Hose Company, Ken Steen, Tim Bryant and George Bellanca from the Living Stream Company and Dana Regatuso Sr., Amanda Martin and Will Gall of the Seymour Chemical Company. The Council meets on the last Wednesday of the month. Departmental elections are held on the First Thursday in April.
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